Go Nanny Go is a full-service agency that provides a unique membership service to families and nannies that allows safety, security, and flexibility in schedules for all parties involved. We also serve as an advocate for both you and your nannies, being there to mediate any disgrepancies, issues or just to help you and your nannies communicate better with one another.
We partner with each client to create a team of Go Nanny Go certified nannies tailored to fit the specific needs and style of your family. You are able to change your schedule bi-weekly without commitment to specific days and amount of hours needed, there’s no stressing about backup care and last minute appointments.
If you decide that the Go Nanny Go membership isn’t the right fit for you, we offer many other options to help any parent with their childcare needs.

Go Nanny Go’s mission is to create a relationship with our clients and their children that encompasses compassion, accountability, respect and overall enrichment.

Our vision is to show families that flexible, dependable, hands on family assistance is a possibility.

Compassion; sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress with a desire to alleviate it
We aim to create REAL connections and relationships with our families, get to know them on a personal level, and always be concerned for their wellbeing.

Accountability; the act of being held responsible
We pride ourselves in professionalism, building upon professional competence and striving for excellence. This allows us to give our clients a sense of security, knowing their childcare needs are being accommodated for.

Respect; to show regard or consideration
Respect is of the upmost importance to us, here at Go Nanny Go. We embrace diversity of our families and employees, being considerate of their individual perspectives, experiences and identities.

Enrichment; the action of improving or enhancing the quality or value of something
We not only strive to enrich the lives of our clients, but we especially take in to consideration the enrichment of their children. Our nannies are to provide solid care based in emotional nourishment, educational stimulation and adventure !

Starla was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii. She grew up in a big family with four older brothers, an amazing mother and seven nieces and nephews that she loves more than anything. Starla enjoys spending time with her husband, two dogs, scrapbooking when she has time, and gets back to Hawaii to visit family as much as possible.

Starla moved after high school to study Community Health Science at the University of Nevada, Reno. She started her nanny career at the age of 16; since then, her passion for this field has grown immensely. While continuing to nanny as she pursued her undergraduate degree, the Go Nanny Go seed was planted. Shortly after graduating from college, Starla moved to Seattle and has fallen in love with the city. It has been an easy decision to now call Seattle home.

Passionate about working with children, Starla continued her education through Arizona State University, graduating with her Masters in Early Childhood Education. Starla has connected with so many amazing families through her professional career and when deciding what her next step would be, she quickly realized that the relationships with the families and children she had worked so closely with, had brought her the most joy. Because of this, Starla took the leap of faith, watered the seed and started Go Nanny Go, a business fully committed to creating a new, flexible and exciting option to the childcare and nanny scene.

Starla is excited about this chapter in her life and all that comes with it.

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