Seattle is always beautiful, rain or shine, but it’s always easiest to enjoy the beauty of Seattle in the summer, well with kids at least. Here are our 10 favorite ways to enjoy Seattle on a rainy day with our munchkins!

  1. Community Centers

There are so many great toddler rooms at the local community centers! Our favorites are Magnolia, Green Lake (on a slow day), Queen Anne, and Ballard.

Queen Anne and Magnolia Community Centers are great one for a rainy day when the park isn’t an option! They’re both big, with lots of push toys, balls and normally not an overwhelming amount of kids.

Ballard has a similar feel to the Queen Anne and green lake community centers, just with more kids!

  1. Wunderkind

This is the Lego dream for any kid, parent or nanny! This gives parents time to work or relax with friends while their kids are thoroughly entertained by the wide selection of Legos. They have a down stairs room for the little ones with Duplo LEGOS, giving them their own space to create without having to worry about kids putting small objects in their mouths every 5 minutes (we’ve all been there!) They also have an upstairs area for the older ages that includes regular size LEGOS and all the creative space they need for building! This rainy-day activity is a treat for adults and children alike, with a selection of food, snacks, coffee, juices and even an adult beverage for parents at the end of an exhausting day.

  1. Pacific Science Center

This is a fan favorite with my nanny kiddos! We LOVE the science center, it offers so much for so many different ages. There’s so many opportunities for learning, this spot can easily entertain kids for HOURS. Upon walking in you’ll encounter the dinos (a little outdated) but still so cool, especially if it’s your first time visiting! Head in to the planetarium for a fun toddler geared lesson about the solar system, explore the different exhibits from the human body to the different bugs and creatures! There’s even an entire room to explore full of butterflies, real, flying butterflies, so cool! And if you’ve got toddlers there’s an area just for them, good size and lots of exciting things to explore!

And while you’re in the area, check out the armory for lunch! (maybe even a quick ride on the monorail for the train loving kids!)

  1. Visit a Fire Station

This is easily one of the coolest things I never knew was an option until the past year or so. Firefighters are SO awesome and the sweetest with the kids! (I’m partially biased because my husband happens to be one) It wasn’t until he was a firefighter that I realized it’s totally acceptable to go to a fire station, ring the doorbell and ask to see the trucks, or a tour of the station! They have always been so welcoming and my nanny kiddo usually even get a sticker out of it too! Try it, it’s so worth it!!

  1. Om Culture Play Gym

This one is so fun! Especially for kids that are walking around already. They have trampolines, acrobat swings, balance beams and it’s all in what seems to be a yoga studio at a different time of the day. Because of this, it’s so cozy, carpeted (which is great for the occasional fall) and gives us yet another cool activity to do when it’s raining or cold and running around at the park isn’t an option.

  1. Lil Diggers Play Time at Sand Box Sports

Okay, so imagine the beloved sandbox at the park that your kid wants to spend ALL their time in, the one that you’re unsure just how dirty they’re actually getting… well now, picture a HUGE, clean, indoor version of this!! They convert one of their indoor volleyball courts into a massive sandbox for kids! So much fun, not usually a ton of kids, and a great way to expend all that energy! Make sure to check their schedule before heading over as the Lil Diggers is only open a couple days a week.

  1. 3rd Street Books

Third Street Books is our go to if we want to have low key day! We start with the kid’s section, read some books, pick up our favorite, then head to the little café for a snack and some play time. They have a small area with toys that’s always a hit. There are chairs around so that the kids can get some independent play, but you can also join in at any time!

  1. University Village Play Days!

This one is hit or miss. Some of the play days are GREAT! Some, are a bit mediocre. Check the schedule and ALWAYS go if the play day is at “Paint the Town.” Every time we’ve been there, it’s been a super fun ceramic painted art project and at the end of it, they’ll glaze and fire it, and you can come back in a week and pick up your master piece! Also, trophy cupcakes do one, and I mean, who wants to miss out on free cupcake decorating… not us!

  1. Museum of Flight

I was unaware just how cool this place was until recently! I would say it’s great for toddlers and older kids. You’re able to check out the planes exterior as well as explore through the inside as well. There’s also a separate area where more hand on learning can happen and an area that looks like a “kid’s airport” I guess you could call it, where the kiddos are free to let their imagination go wild! (it’s small, but definitely did the job for us!) Maybe not something an activity you would do all the time, but so fun for an occasional adventure!

  1. Storm Watching at the Waterfront

We’ve gotten creative over the years. This one can be so cool for learning and connecting to the outdoors! We’d recommend the waterfront near the aquarium in downtown Seattle, Golden Gardens in North Seattle, or Alki in West Seattle. Grab a snack, maybe a hot cocoa and get to exploring the beach, weather, animals, and the rest of the goodness the outdoors has to offer!