Holiday décor is always fun, it’s even better when your decorations are created by your favorite kiddos! The kids will feel so special when their art is displayed around the house and they get even better with time being a keepsake you’ll love to look back on as the years start flying by.

Here are our favorites, and the fun ones we’re making this year!

Super cute pine cone turkeys with the most meaningful, fun, thankful blurbs from the kids

Crafty scarecrow for a unique fall decoration! Fun for getting the kids to be creative when they design the faces, making them spooky, funny or happy with a few small tweaks!

The cutest little lanterns that make for the best decorations, stick a candle in them and display them as the center pieces at your family thanksgiving dinner!

So fun, easy and affordable! My nanny kids always love to see how their hands and feet can be transformed into something they are familiar with, especially when they get to help choose the colors and create most of on their own!

Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Crafting!