There are so many ways to get into the Christmas spirit but crafts are always the most fun with kiddos ! Seeing the finished product and relating it in some way to the spirit of Christmas is my favorite part about holiday crafting with my nanny kid ! These are a few of our favorite projects we tried out this winter, check them out and let me know what you think!

This was a hit in the household I work in! Not only did the parents adore it and instantly put it up in their home as a holiday decoration, but my nanny kid LOVED creating it and was so excited to compare his “hand wreath” to the real wreath on the front door!

Such a cute and simple crafting project! We found everything we needed in the house and didn’t have to fun out for supplies which is ALWAYS a bonus! We got a little more adventurous and decided to paint Santa’s face and hat instead of using colored paper and since we didn’t have any google eyes laying around, we painted those as well!

Super adorable, affordable, fun, and easy ! Normally we always have extra ornaments that didn’t make the cut and most times they are the simple, 1 colored ornaments. Those are the perfect fit for this project! Grab some brown and red paint and you’re set! My nanny kid loves checking his out throughout the day and reminding me that he made them!


We saved the best for last ! While this one took a little more time, it was by far the most fun. Allowing my nanny kid to pour ingredients, mix them, roll out the dough and then decorate them was such a fun experience! And, after baking them, we wrapped them up as gifts for family members so he too could join in on the gifting spirit of Christmas and know what it feels like to not only be excited to receive gifts, but to give them as well!